Fell Beast

For every star gone, there be an angel fallen

…but then I remember you, and the way you shine like truth in all you do. And if you remembered me, you could save me from the way I tend to be. The way I tend to be.

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Hey Supernatural fans: I just saw Misha Collins give a homeless person outside 7-11 some coffee and a hotdog just now. He seemed perplexed, she seemed perplexed, but the woman eventually took the goods.

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Happy birthday Misha, who’s the most adorable dad in the world (◡‿◡✿) A 40 year old isn’t supposed to be this cute, you know, but being an actor, a dad to two children, a wonderful husband and the nicest person in the world, I’m so glad to come across you as an inspiration and someone I aim to be in my life. You’re the same as everyone else, a normal human being, but what makes you so special to me as a famous actor is that you do things not only for yourself but also for lots and lots of other people, and that’s the reason why I love you so much and why I aspire to be someone like you. Breaking world records for good causes, giving out coffee to people lining up for comic con; these are just little, little things compared to how much good you’ve done for us fans and the world. Seeing you smile is what makes me smile, so please continue to be the perfect Misha Collins and I hope you had the happiest 40th birthday.

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